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...A 'creative' with a passion for the (performing) arts, (cultural) entrepreneurial activities, cultural sciences and for collaborations within and outside the creative fields...


...An individual with -according to my friends, colleagues and teachers- a quite ambitious attitude towards making the 'world a better place'...


...A person who gets energy by motivating people and helping them to find different ways of perceiving themselves and making the best of their capabilities...


...A woman who -no matter what happened or will happen- 'refuses to be a victim of people or life in general' and who believes: 'We create our own reality' ...


...and while dreaming and envisioning, creating and implementing my own mission and goals, I'm collaborating, motivating and helping others. I' am Dorottya Kiss who keeps on developing and learning from everything and everybody...:)


  • Performing Arts Industry professional:

       BA Professional Dancer & Choreographer & Artistic Director (1994 -1997 -2005-) 

  • BA Cultural Sciences 

       (With a focus on Sociology & Economics-, Communication & Management-,

       & Policy-making of Arts & Culture (2009-2013)

  • MA in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship (2013-2015)

  • MA in Arts and Cultural Sciences (2013-2015)

  • Freelance: Lecturer (Erasmus), Consultant/ Advisor, Trainer, 

       Project Coordinator, Researcher​

  • NLP Master Practitioner & Advanced NLP Communication Certified (Personal & Business) Trainer | Coach | Inspirator | Motivator - Speaker' & Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach

  • Pilates Trainer

Further on this matter, 

I' am / was the Founder & Director of the following non-profit & for-profit organizations:




Besides my first passion for the performing arts (specifically dance art) I have been so lucky to discover science as another ‘obsession’. Besides being a director, choreographer/performing arts professional, general manager, and a co-creative designer and thus a cultural entrepreneur for more than 17 years now, my ambition is not to only integrate science into my works on stage, but also to my everyday life as a professional working within the performing arts industry and in a more broader sense the cultural and creative industry. Nevertheless, I'm always seeking and open towards other sectors where I can collaborate within and use my know-how.


In my everyday life as a cultural entrepreneur I have encountered many aspects of  (corporate e.g. intern and extern) communication strategies, business development, finances and people’s and event management. The past 17 years I have been working in diverse areas (within the cultural & creative industry) where my responsible, creative, hard working, entrepreneurial, quality-, and result oriented, professional, nevertheless ‘life loving’, communicative, energetic and analytic character developed (and of course, continues to develop).


I love teamwork (‘no man stands alone’) and I’m also addictively passionate about leading, coordinating and managing different (international) projects on different levels and from different perspectives (e.g. strategy, network and overall management, internal and external communications, sales, logistics, finance and of course the 'creative side'). Due to my artistic/creative, economic/ sociologic, and management/ communication background and as an entrepreneurial mind, I’m a highly skilled ‘multi-tasker’ and possess an intensified eye for detail and people, without losing focus, and missing and accentuating the whole picture. 



Cultural Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management, (Cultural) Sociology, Cultural Policy Making & Integration Strategies, Business Creation & Branding, Organizations' (their theory, sociology and culture) and Communication (Strategies), Urban Development Strategies, Artists' Labor Markets and in general the Cultural and Creative Industries are areas that catch my main interest. My work experience within many layers of the cultural/ creative sector has taught me to adjust to a continuously changing environment and tackle (organizational, financial, psychological etc.) issues with an open mind and a persistent creative approach. 


Without being conceited, I do believe that the balance between passion and know-how, art & creativity, business and science confer me with a unique combination of skills that could contribute to the many non-profit and for-profit organizations out there…



Besides being a continuous entrepreneur I’m also highly interested to collaborate with or work for people/ organisations (whether within the non-, or for-profit sector or within the academic sphere) that seek my contribution on a personal-, organizational-, local-, national-, (EU) or international level.



SOON I will publish my first book. I would like to share my story with others and perhaps inspire people to never give up dreaming and realizing those dreams even if they don't see the bright light at the end of the road...It won't be 'just a book'...;-)


Life Coaching & Business Trainings


'Motivator – Inspirator - Speaker'


By the age of 27, after having a more challenging- well let’s call it dramatic-personal life (than an average person under 30) I decided to take matters into my hand. Being highly creative and motivated, I decided to create my own reality and instead of loosing my self in depression, I decided to create a world around myself that will make me happy and will help me to get closer to who I am and what my mission is in (this) life. ;-) I wanted to - and still wish to- expand my knowledge in the broadest sense and satisfy my dreams, my capabilities and live up to my vision... 


While being a creative entrepreneur; a freelance researcher, consultant and lecturer predominantly in cultural economics/ sociology, management, communications related matters; a director/ choreographer, performing artist, teaching (different kinds of dance techniques and Pilates) for many years and giving (motivational) workshops for dance industry professionals, a few years ago I also started to give (motivational/ inspirational) speeches and workshops for a more 'general' public. This is an area I'm enjoying right now.

My methods are based on NLP techniques and are custom-made, while combining tools that are relevant from movement related activities (theater / dance, Pilates and Yoga) with a practical yet so essential spiritual touch...I would like to motivate and inspire people in finding a 'healthy body, mind & spirit balance, while dealing with past and present issues finding their own passion, dreams and the tools to achieve these that can make an individual even happier. This might sound cheese, but we all want to be happy and feel good at the end. Right? But in this fast changing world many people forget about themselves...about their dreams, their mission and their potential(s)...

Getting closer to ourselves and making the best of our lives and surroundings (on a personal but also on a business level), involves a creative nevertheless confronting process. It is however a journey that we should all embark, as without it–I believe- we will never experience our full potential in the broadest sense of the word.


Realizing that the awareness of our body & mind & spirit can contribute to a fulfilled life, motivates me to share and inspire others to find their inner strength.

I have been  a Game-Changer of My Own Reality! Care to reCONNECT & become more fulfilled? 


DARE to Learn & Develop: reDISCOVER-reDESIGN-reDIRECT! What is YOUR STRATEGY? 


Contact re-FRESH.life for 

Personalised Individual 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

(custom-designed) Group / Business Trainings

Workshops & reTREATs


Interested to make use of any of my skills? Please don't hesitate to contact me:

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