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10 - 30 JULY 2017

1st International Certification of

FUSION Dance Theater  Studies 

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DKM aims to fusion different kinds of dance techniques (academic ballet, folk and contemporary techniques with popular urban dance forms for instance) and music genres (classical, pop, rock, jazz, house and electric music to name a few). The concepts and themes for its creations mainly consist of updating classical masterpieces and social relevant themes (mostly based on the fusion of scientific research and dance art).

The cast of the ‘de KISS moves’ reflects the multicultural identity of the Dutch nation-state.


After a two year (2005-2007) startup period the company started to grow and managed to realize some considerably big achievements compared to its relatively small size and young reputation within the Dutch dance theatre scene. During its + 10 years of existence ‘de KISS moves’ had 10 premieres, 10 Dutch National Tours, created 12 new performances, performed more than 450 times, gave more than 250 educational workshops all around the Netherlands and worked with more than 150 artists from around the world (from which 70% international). The estimated amount of public that ‘de KISS moves’ attracted within its + 10 year period is more than 100.000 people (including 75% youth below the age of 25 and ‘new theatre audience’).


Talent -Development


The ‘de KISS moves FUSION Dance Company’ (DKM) finds it really important to not only create and perform dance art, but also to spread the knowledge throughout different target groups! Educational workshops with the focus on Talent development are thus a core activity within DKM’s strategy.

Our company wishes to educate students (amateurs, semi-and professional dance students) about the FUSION concept, which is thoroughly developed by the director/ choreographer, Dorottya Kiss. Regarding this FUSION approach, not only the fusion of dance and music genres are important, but particularly the way how DKM’s philosophy is applied on each individual person.

The FUSION workshop/ master classes are essential for people who wish to understand the deeply rooted philosophy of our company, which is applied in the daily actions of all (artistic and staff) members. The FUSION workshop/ master class does not only make students dance and listen to music in a specific way, but also opens new doors through which an individual can relate to his/her own individuality.

Our workshop/master classes are physically and mentally challenging surrounded with positive energy and respect and are suited for dances of all genres (including ballet, contemporary, jazz, urban, folk) who are interested in broadening their horizon. Depending on the request the workshop might vary from 1 workshop (minimum 2 hours) to 1 day and to more day workshops.

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  • Theatre Performances

  • Events & Conferences & Congresses

  • Motivational Workshops

  • Dance & Fashion Shows

  • Dance Workshops

  • Team Buildings

  • Private & Public Business Parties

  • Commercials

  • Festivals

de KISS moves' FUSION is a vital, innovative concept within the field of the arts, as well as an added value in the commercial scene!



  • Events & Conferences & Congresses

  • Private & Public Business Parties

  • Motivational Workshops

  • Dance & Fashion Shows

  • Theatre Performances

  • Dance Workshops

  • Team Buildings

  • CommercialsFestivals​


de KISS moves FUSION Dance Company stands for high quality dance art. It's FUSION concept –giving rise to a brand new performance vision, based on the merging of different dance and music genres- does not only make sense within the arts field: In the realm of corporate, commercial or even social services the dance creations of ‘de KISS moves’ can play a vital role: from BONDING to BRANDING.


de KISS moves stands for RESPECT through connecting cultures, genres and people. This concept of FUSION results in:-to-the-point concepts, -thoroughly skilled teamwork, and, -on stage, on a catwalk, in a tent or in front of the camera: the spectacular visuals of a new dance vocabulary!

Flexible Open-minded



The company provides work for not only professional dancers but also for apprentices. Further, in order to reach and attract a wide-ranging audience, there are continuous alterations and general flexibility regarding the location and time (morning, mid-day and evening) of the performances (in theatres, cultural centers, school gyms, (open air) festivals etc.).The ‘de KISS moves’ has a broad network within the educational field (elementary-, secondary school institutions and professional dance academies) and offers educational & motivational workshops of multiple levels within and outside cultural and creative sector.

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DKM brings dance art closer to you!